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Financial Planning Made Simple

Every week on the Financial Safari, Coach Pete D'Arruda and his team of Local Trusted Advisors across the country help you make a happy retirement a reality. We equip listeners with the tools and knowledge that you need to successfully navigate through today's complex financial jungle while also sharing common sense strategies that will help you make the most out of your retirement savings.

Coach Pete
Social Security

What age should you begin drawing and how does that fit into your overall income picture?


Is the amount of risk you have appropriate for your age and the amount of return your receiving?

Fees & Commissions

Do you know how much you are really paying in fees and commissions with your current plan?

Future Tax Implications

Is there a way to save money in taxes down the road by planning proactively now?

Income Planning

Does your income plan have you in danger of running out of money if you end up living 30 or more years in retirement?

Long Term Care

Did you know what over 2/3rds of Americans will need some form of Long Term Care? Do you have a plan for it?


Do you have a plan for inflation that can last decades as the cost of everything continues to rise?


If leaving a legacy is important to you, have you determined the best way to pass money on to future generations?


Is your plan properly diversified based on your risk preferences, budget and goals?

Each week, we reveal the latest developments in the financial world to keep you informed of changes that may affect you personally, while sharing some common sense strategies that will help you make the most out of your retirement savings.



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Financial Safari

Financial Safari

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